How we generate and use energy is changing...

The need for diverse, secure and affordable energy generation, improved energy conservation measures, and increased awareness of environmental matters, is delivering this change.

Only with this change can we maintaining the security of our energy supplies and combat climate change, two of the greatest challenges facing the UK and the international community.

Security of our energy supplies...

In it’s Energy White Paper of 2007, the UK Government set out it's framework for ensuring a secure and diverse energy mix and for the delivery of timely and increasingly low carbon electricity supplies.

The importance of maintaining a secure and increasingly low carbon electricity supply cannot be under estimated.

World energy demand for instance is predicted to increase by 53% between 2004 and 2030, and the UK will require around 30-35GW of new electricity generation capacity over the next twenty years.

The UK’s reserves of oil and gas are also declining, and as our economy grows, we will become increasingly dependent on oil and gas imports in a world where supplies are concentrated in, or transported through, less stable regions. As a consequence, we could face higher and more volatile energy prices which could impact heavily on domestic and industrial energy users.

The Government and international community recognise that even if we adopt increasing low carbon sources of energy, suppies of coal, oil and gas will still play a significant part in meeting the world’s energy needs for the foreseeable future.

The UK must strengthen it's energy security through the development of strategically positioned and appropriately sized power generation assets, and drive towards a lower carbon economy within the UK through the use of highly efficient power generation technology.

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